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Shorefields School

Shorefields School


Sport In The School

 Sport in our school is about engaging learners in physical activity which involves the whole body, developing strength, stamina, flexibility, posture, and positioning. It includes taking part in non-competitive activities within the school and, for some young people, it involves participation in inter-school sporting competitions in an increasing number of sports.

We encourage all learners to increase their range of movements and manipulative skills and to develop a positive attitude to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our facilities ensure inclusive provision :

Regular active sensory circuits. Trampolines in all class play areas. Wheelchair accessible outdoor equipment - swing, roundabout, trampoline. Vestibular and proprioceptive sensory processing spaces and equipment. Go kart track. All weather sports pitch.

In recent years Shorefields has been extremely successful in competitive and non-competitive sport.

The sports team has not only managed to regularly compete against other Essex SEN Schools but have also been highly successful in a range of different sports. The school has taken part in the Panathlon competition for the last few years including swimming at the Olympic Park. Shorefields also takes part in other sports including athletics and football. Each year the school hosts the Alex Ball football competition where other SEN Schools attend. This is a competitive but enjoyable day and gives the students a chance to meet new people.

Shorefields has also been involved in the Specialist School Games where SEN schools and mainstream schools take part in a mixture of sporting activities.

Even though the school takes part in competitive competitions we also aim for the students to have fun and give everybody the opportunity to take part in sport; this includes the Messa Indoor Games, Messa Mini Olympics and sports day. As a school we want all our students to have a chance to take part in sport and PE regardless of ability or age.