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Shorefields School

Shorefields School

Staff Team

Please click on the links below to view our current teaching and staff teams.  Team is the appropriate word here at Shorefields, the dedication, professionalism, and caring attitude of all our staff is what helps Shorefields provide consistently outstanding 'learning and achievement for all' our individual learners.  We would however like to introduce you to just some members of our team who you will find when walking around our school. 

Senior Leadership Team

  • Jennifer Grotier

    Head Teacher- DDSL

  • Gemma Fowler

    Deputy Headteacher/ DSL

  • Alison Beasley

    Deputy Headteacher- DDSL

  • Ryan Bruce

    Assistant Headteacher- DDSL

  • Debbie Hamilton

    Special School Nurse- DDSL

  • Michelle Glover

    School Business Manager

Middle Leadership Team

  • Pam Heath

    Sunshine Strand Leader

  • Hannah Mitchell

    Beach Strand Leader

  • Emma Norfolk

    Pier Strand Leader

Pier Strand Teaching Team

  • Joanne Banks

    Pier 1 Class Teacher

  • Lyn Chapman

    Pier 2 Class Teacher

  • Clare King

    Pier 3 Class Teacher

  • Emma Norfolk

    Pier 4 Class Teacher/ Strand Leader

  • Helen Read

    Pier 5 Class Teacher

Beach Strand Teaching Team

  • Charlie Thorpe

    Beach 1 Class Teacher

  • Kerry Strutt

    Beach 2 Class Teacher

  • Lucy Wilson

    Beach 3 Class Teacher

  • Abigail Kettle

    Beach 4 Class Teacher

  • Hannah Mitchell

    Beach 5 Class Teacher

Sunshine Strand Teaching Team

  • Zoe Mitchell

    Sunshine 1 Class Teacher

  • Jackie Stephens

    Sunshine 2 Class Teacher

  • Wendy Banks

    Sunshine 3 Class Teacher

  • Nicola Pinok

    Sunshine 4 Class Teacher

  • Nicole Wheeler

    Sunshine 5 Class Teacher

  • Jemma Moorehouse

    Sunshine 6 Class Teacher

  • Pam Heath

    Sunshine 7 Class Teacher/ Strand Leader

  • Christine Ward

    Sunshine 8 Class Teacher

Pupil Support

  • Leane Maddams

    Home School Support

  • Ellie Shears

    Home School Support

  • Lisa Evans

    Home School Support

  • Leah Smith

    Thrive Practitioner

  • Pete Norfolk

    Careers Leader

  • Sarah Williams

    Communication Lead

  • Rachel McKean

    Performing Arts

  • Emma Addlington-Lee

    PE & Sports

School Support Services

  • Trudy Rainbird

    HR & Workforce Manager

  • Peter Bloomfield

    Site Manager

  • Kelly Wood

    Finance Assistant

  • Lynda Johnston

    School Secretary

  • Sarah Gavin

    Administration Officer

  • Tina Fuller

    Cover Support